Turo Mobile Application - UI/UX Concept Redesign


Turo - UI/UX Redesign

Turo is a mobile application that connects car owners looking to gain extra income to people looking to rent cars in a more non traditional way. It is essentially Airbnb for cars, which gives renters more flexibility at an affordable cost.

It is a fairly new application blowing up through out the world. With any new application there is always room for improvement. I took on the challenge after personally going through Turo and using the app to rent a vehicle on my trip to Los Angeles. I felt overall the applications UI could be enhanced and the UX for some sections of the application needed work as well. I went through the application and redesigned sections that I felt needed revising.

User Problems :

1. UI through out the whole application was decent but could definitely use a facelift for example sectioning for different vehicles and sections for different location could be displayed more efficiently saving space and the user swiping.

2. In the section for viewing listings "map" and "filters" look lost on the bottom of the page by the navigation. 

3. There is no easy way to access listings you favourited/saved easily, you would have to go to profile to get that page which made it a frustrating if it was your first time using the application.

4. When checking the owners review page it does not have a separate section for "from hosts" which is very important and adds credibility for the vehicle owner.

5. Messages section for Turo is not visually appealing and two key functions that saves users from clicking are missing. Being able to delete converstations and a shortcut that leads to owners Profile, Reviews, Listing or an option to ignore them.

Resolution :



2 & 3. Relocated "map view" and "filters"  above the map making it easier to see. I also added "favourites" on the left section and making the right section interchangeable between "list view" or "map view".


4. Added a tab on top of the page letting the user choose between reviews from people who rented vehicles from the owner or from hosts the owner rented from to add more credibility. I also updated the UI making it more appealing visually to the user and allowing the user to report reviews as well.


5. Just like most sections that needed work, I also redesigned the messages UI and making it more user friendly by now being able to delete conversations and a much easier way to see reviews, listings or ignore people by tapping on the menu icon. Messages list page is now divided from "most recent", "saved/favourites" and "archieved". Furthermore you can now see who is online at that moment.